EMBASE: Excerpta Medica

There are a number of variants of the EMBASE database and we have made the following 2 segments available to NHS Wales.

Please select one of the following options depending on how far back you would like to search for information:-

Embase, produced by Elsevier, is ideal for anyone in the clinical, corporate, or academic world—from physicians and drug developers to medical device manufacturers and medical students—looking for current, relevant, and practical information in their field. EMBASE holds nearly 29 million records with over 1.4 million citations and abstracts added annually. It included all MEDLINE® citations, dating back to 1947 and is drawn from over 8,500 journals published in 90 countries. EMBASE covers the following fields: drug research, pharmacology, pharmaceutics, toxicology, clinical and experimental human medicine, health policy and management, public health, occupational health, environmental health, drug dependence and abuse, psychiatry, forensic medicine, and biomedical engineering/instrumentation. There is selective coverage for nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, psychology, and alternative medicine.

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Need help using the database?

OVID have created videos and guides available on their Training Site or you can get in touch with your local librarian who will be able to help.