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Copyright Guidance

What is Copyright?

Copyright exists to support the rights of creators. It promotes creativity and innovation by providing a level of protection and compensation for their valuable work. By obtaining a copyright licence, we are respecting the rights of copyright owners and supporting the creative community.

Who is covered by the NHS Wales Copyright Licence Plus 

The NHS Wales e-Library, part of Digital Health and Care Wales, have an agreement with the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) to provide a blanket copying licence that allows:

  • NHS Wales employed and contracted staff
  • Students when they are on placement
  • Hospice workers employed by all hospices in Wales that provide NHS Wales commissioned care
  • Private, independent and third sector employed social workers and private, independent and third sector employed social care managers
  • Members of the public who sit on a Designated Committee of an NHS Wales organisation when acting on behalf of the committee  

to make copies from print and digital books, magazines, journals, purchased by national and local NHS Wales organisations as well as some websites.

Benefits of the NHS Wales CLA Plus Licence

There are three components to the NHS Wales CLA Plus licence:

  1. Blanket cover, so those covered by the licence do not have to ask permission from copyright owners each time they copy, reuse, or share content from publications at work
  2. Access to the Licence Plus Document Delivery ordering service, (LPDD) via your local NHS Wales or Social Care Wales Library and/or information service. The LPDD service supplies copyright fee paid (CFP) articles from the British Library, Reprints Desk, and the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) through the use of pre-paid credits, providing streamlined access to articles from thousands of journals, usually delivered within seconds
    1. A CFP article can be shared with multiple users who are covered by the NHS Wales licence
  3. Permits collaboration on projects and programmes with colleagues, government departments, local authorities, education and research organisations and businesses across the UK who have a CLA licence

Please get in touch with your NHS Wales Library and Knowledge Service or the NHS Wales e-Library to find out more about the LPDD service and how you can share content with external organisations with which you are collaborating.

Supporting Resources

Still have questions? email and the team will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.