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Micromedex Healthcare Series

Access for Health Boards and Trusts

Access for Welsh Medicines Information Centres and Poisons Centre

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Important Notice to Users


1.  You should be aware that, with the exception of Martindale, these databases are produced in the United States of America and provide information. This means that the information on available products and their licenses applies to the United States of America and may not be the same for products available in the UK.  

2.   These databases may only be used by healthcare professionals acting competently and exercising clinical discretion and judgment, and used by such persons only for medical diagnosis or treatment purposes.

3.   If you wish to confirm details of availability, dosing and indications in the UK you should, in the first instance, consult the Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) produced by the manufacturer and available at  If you need any assistance with this, or if you require further information please contact your local Medicines Information Centre, details of which can be found on the Welsh Medicines Information Centre website.

4.   Access to these databases is subject to the license conditions specified by the database provider. You are not permitted to access these databases except through this portal. Failure to observe any terms of this Notice may result in your access to NHS Wales internet portals being withdrawn, and may be treated as a disciplinary matter by your employer.