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Registration process

How do I get an NHS Wales OpenAthens account?

You’ll need to self-register for an NHS Wales OpenAthens account, and here are some helpful tips to make sure your form gets processed as quickly as possible to get you using the e-resources you need! 

If you are a registered social worker or social care manager who is privately, third sector, independent or self-employed or employed by one of Wales’  22 unitary authorities (local authorities) in Wales:

  • Please select “Registered Social Workers and Social Care Managers” in the Organisation drop down menu and complete the form


If you work within the social care environment such as policy, research etc and are employed by one of Wales’ 22 unitary authorities (local authorities):

  • Please select “Welsh Government Health and Social Care Funded/Sponsored body” in the Organisation drop down menu and complete the form




This will ensure the correct  OpenAthens administrator will receive your form. See the below picture and watch this video if you need more help.   

After you have filled in your form, your account is created, and your local OpenAthens administrator will be notified. They will approve your account and arrange for a library catalogue account too.  Our library catalogue, NHS Wales LibrarySearch, can be accessed from our homepage. You will be able to use the same username and password for both systems