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John Dunkley-Williams

Librarian Specialist

Digital Health and Care Wales

Ty Glan Yr Afon, 21 Cowbridge Rd East

About Me

Librarian Specialist

I began my career in public libraries, where I worked for eight years firstly as a library assistant, and later as the local and family history librarian. In addition to my work in the reference library and as a local historian; writing papers and giving talks, I was also part of the small team that ran the library service website and social media outlets. I also implemented a Wales-wide library management system in conjunction with the systems librarians around South Wales, devising and delivering training to the library staff working across the county.

I took up the position of Technical Librarian with the NHS Wales e-Library in November 2019. As Technical Librarian, I provide technical support to e-Library users, and work to resolve issues with e-Resources and access when they arise. I oversee the national NHS Wales OpenAthens installation for the management of remote authentication. I also work to develop the e-Library service, by developing the e-Library website, implementing and integrating new resources, and making access and authentication processes as simple as possible.

During my time working as the Technical Librarian, I relaunched the e-Library website in January 2020 on a newer, more user-friendly platform. The new platform allowed for a much more visual website, along with the inclusion of video content, which allowed us to develop the website in new and exciting ways. In July 2020, I launched OpenAthens “SSO”, which allowed users to log in for access to e-Library resources without the need for manual registration to OpenAthens, instead enabling users to log in using their NHS Wales work credentials, for easier access, and to reduce the number of user names and passwords required to use the NHS Wales e-Library.

As I continue to look for new ways to develop the e-Library systems, always looking to make access quicker and easier, I continue to work on removing login requirements to access e-Resources. Currently, I am working on further linking authenticating accounts in with the library management system, Alma, in order to allow off-site access to e-Journals without the need for am NHS Wales library card.

Recently updated to the role of Librarian Specialist following a team restructure, I am now also responsible for some procurement activity, as well as taking a more leading role on the research, procurement and implementation of new systems and technologies to continue the development of the e-Library, increasing usability and usefulness of e-Library resources.