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OpenAthens Single Sign-On

OpenAthens Single Sign-on


What is OpenAthens Single Sign-on?

This allows NHS Wales users to authenticate to local and national e-resources such as e-Journals, databases and evidence summaries using their NHS Wales email addresses and passwords, and reduce the need for remembering multiple usernames and passwords to access e-resources.

What the sign-in will look like:

When you first come to sign in with OpenAthens, you will now notice two options you can select:



The first option “NHS Wales e-mail address,” is the new method. It will allow anyone with an NHS Wales e-mail address to sign in using that NHS Wales e-mail, and the password they use to log-in to NHS Wales devices or systems. This type of log in may now feel familiar to the many users who are accessing other areas of work, such as SharePoint and Skype, without a VPN. 

The second option “OpenAthens” is the long standing method previously used for OpenAthens log in, using the log-in details many will already have, or otherwise obtained through self-registration. This will continue to work in the same way that you might be used to.



NHS Wales e-Library for Health User Experience


Once registered and logged-in, users will be able to access all of the NHS Wales e-Library and local library e-resources without the need to log in again for the rest of the session, even off-site in all but a few isolated cases where resources are only available on the NHS Wales network, such as iRefer.

To see how these access options look, click on the link below to see our demonstration video.